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So what happened with Etsy?

Haha! Yes, great question!
If you’re a regular (!) visitor to NUDEradio, you will probably have noticed that all our designs and merch was on an Etsy store for about 6 weeks. This was all fine and dandy, we were sellign stuff, and it functioned.

That was until the bills came in.

To be blunt, Etsy fees are extortionate. Not for you directly, dear reader, but for small stores like us. I’ll break it down roughly for you in a minute, but I do want to say that I did notice originally, in my research phase, that prices advertised on Etsy seemed to be wuite high. I assumed that perhaps this was due to the fact that there’s a level of trust in using Etsy and, as such, people feel more secure with larger ticket items.

Now I am of the view that prices on Etsy are so high because the retailer needs to claw back the fees added on.

Sure, if you’re just LISTING products on Etsy it is cheap. Something like $0.20 for three mothbs per product and then a small transaction fee for payment, which we have to pay anyway and id broadly on par. What I didn’t excpect were the totting up of fees for things selling on Marketplace and then product that THEY, seemingly unilaterally, decide to promote with advertising. Once you factor the costs of those in, which can ber 15-20% PER service, you’re really screwed.

Basically, in the few weeks we were live we, and for complete transparency, we took a couple of hundred pounds in orders (GREAT!) but in totalt, after all Etsy’s fees had been taken off, made a whopping £3 something. There was actually one order that COST me money to fulfil.

Obviously for a small operation like ours, where sales on our store literally help keep the server lights on for NUDEradio, this is unsustainable and I wasn’t willing to up the prices any more to compensate (I already felt they were at the higher end of comfortable). So I jumped ship.

We’re still in the early days of building out the shop, as I write this. There are more products to come, even wilder designs, and, of course, store enhancements as I get to grips with the shystem but, for now, know that prices have come down, the manfuacturing quality is still the same, and the products are NO DIFFERENT TO BEFORE.

Thanks for listening, hope to ‘see’ you on the airwaves!

deVYNEL. x

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